Forget Chemical Sprays, Zapping and Swatting…This Genius Gadget Keeps Mosquitoes Away, At Home or On The Go!

With Buzz Defender Pro, Enjoy Every Moment Without the Bugs

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Imagine a summer evening, the golden hour casting perfect light across your backyard, campsite, picnic or tailgate.

But as the light fades, an all-too-familiar buzzing begins, transforming what should be a peaceful evening into a battleground against mosquitoes.

Beyond the nuisance, mosquitoes carry with them a more sinister threat—the risk of diseases like Zika, West Nile virus, and malaria.

The go-to solutions?

Chemical sprays that leave behind an unpleasant odor, clinging to skin and clothes, making you question the trade-off between mosquito bites and the chemicals you're inhaling.

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Citronella candles and torches might set the ambiance but barely keep the mosquitoes at bay as their area of effectiveness is relatively small.

And then, there are the bug zappers, which, with every crackle, remind you of their brutal method of mosquito control, disrupting the night's tranquility.

It's a grim reminder that these pests are not just irritating; they're also potential vectors of serious health issues, turning what should be leisurely outdoor activities into a source of worry and risk.

Faced with these realities, the quest for an effective solution becomes not just about comfort and convenience, but also about health and safety.

But what if there was a way to reclaim your outdoor space, without the toxins, noise, and hassle?

Meet Buzz Defender Pro.


At its core, it's a powerful mosquito repellent, utilizing easy to use, replaceable cartridges to create a safe barrier up to 25 feet wide from mosquitoes.

The cartridges heat up almost instantly (under 2 minutes) activating a proprietary formula that delivers a sustainable shield against pesky mosquitoes that last up to 8 hours!

But it doesn’t stop there.

Buzz Defender Pro also features built-in lighting options—a flashlight with two modes of brightness and a lantern with three modes—making it an indispensable tool for illumination providing essential light in the wilderness or even setting the mood at home.


Beyond its primary functions, it boasts an impressive list of features, not found anywhere else in a single device.

These features include a waterproof design (IPX5), rechargeable battery with a power display, and multiple mounting options, including a magnet, hanging hook, and tripod, for versatile use in various environments.


Compact, lightweight, and ultra-portable, the Buzz Defender Pro is designed to enhance outdoor experiences, from backyard gatherings to wilderness camping, by providing peace of mind and convenience in a single device.


More Reasons Why Buzz Defender Pro Stands Out As The Smart Choice

This innovative device addresses the challenges people face when experiencing the outdoors. With Buzz Defender Pro , users can expect…

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    1 Enhanced
    Nighttime Safety

    The Buzz Defender Pro's integrated flashlight and lantern ensure you're never left in the dark, making it safer to navigate paths, read maps, or find essentials during nighttime adventures. Its bright, adjustable lighting illuminates your surroundings, providing both convenience and safety.

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    2 Odor Free
    Mosquito Repellent

    By using the included repellent cartridges, Buzz Defender Pro offers an odor free solution to mosquito protection, improving outdoor enjoyment without bad smells or unpleasant zapping sounds.

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    3 Extended Outdoor

    With up to 8 hours of mosquito repellent per cartridge and long-lasting battery life for the light, the Buzz Defender Pro ensures your outdoor activities can go on without interruption. Whether you're camping overnight, enjoying an evening in your backyard or going for an evening walk, stay protected and illuminated for longer.

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    4 Easy Portability
    and Setup

    Designed for convenience, the Buzz Defender Pro is lightweight and comes with a magnet, hanging hook, and tripod, making it effortlessly portable and simple to set up anywhere. Its versatile mounting options mean you can easily adapt to any outdoor situation.

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    5 Durable and

    Built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, the Buzz Defender Pro is not only lightweight but also durable and waterproof (IPX5 rating), ensuring it can handle rain or shine. This resilience makes it a reliable companion for all your outdoor adventures, from the backyard to the backwoods.

Here’s What Others Have to Say About
Buzz Defender Pro...


Bought 3 of them, it works!


I tested this for three muggy nights in SE Louisiana. We could see the mosquitoes swarming in the bushes around our campsite, but didn't get bit once! I was amazed and have been sharing with everyone I know! This will come in handy for evening ball games, too. Love it!

- Anne


Very cool light.


I'm very impressed with the quality of this light. It's very easy to use. The light has several settings from low up to bright. The replacement cartridges are easy to install, I really like it 👍

- RJ




I took it on a camping trip with my family, and not only did it keep the mosquitoes at bay, but the camping light feature was a pleasant surprise. We had a well-lit campsite and slept peacefully without any mosquito troubles.

- Alene


Keeps every flying bitey thing away


Awesome product, we have watched the mozzies and flies come and make a visible u-turn. It's amazing to watch actually. Love this product, really does work! My advice is to buy this product!

- Richard


Simple, easy to use


Mosquito repellent and lighting work well, very easy to use, I really like the overall look

- Alexandra




I often fish at night, and I tried it when I received it. Overall it works really well, no mosquitoes bothered me. The quality is good, the brightness of the lights are adequate and overall it seems like a great and useful item. I'm happy I bought them.

- Niko

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